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we donate 5% of our profit to the
Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta
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How we Got to a 'Farm to Street' Food Truck
In five years we have lived in 5 different cities, and found ourselves perpetually searching for natural, fresh and wholesome food in restaurants, shops, kiosks . . .really everywhere. We didn't find much. We asked ourselves the question "what do other folks like us do for natural fresh and healthy food when they're out and about?" There was no good answer but it was very evident that eating healthfully is not particularly convenient.

When our daughter was born, we became extremely passionate about making sure she was consuming the best food possible and in doing so we started eating the same way. Eating well became a way of life. We noticed our energy was higher, we started sleeping better and weight became a non-issue. Good stuff.

Dawn Hall, Owner/Event Coordinator | Terry Hall, Owner/Operator

Our inability to eat out and have the kind of food we were making for ourselves was becoming frustrating. Naturally, our wheels started turning. We reached a tipping point and decided to bet the farm on the idea that we are not the only people looking for this kind of food. We didn't have a farm but you get the idea.

We thought that there would be no better way to connect with other people like us then to be a mobile restaurant on wheels that delivered fresh natural, wholesome foods. Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen was born. It's been an adventure. That's another story though.

Not Wet Behind The Ears
As a husband and wife team, we have a combined 30 years of hospitality experience. Terry has spent most of his career in the private club industry, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer of private country and city clubs around the nation with employee bases exceeding 200 people. Dawn, is a University of Tennessee alumni with a degree in Hospitality Management. She has spent the majority of her career as the Director of Catering and Sales in the private club industry.

It wasn't all corner offices, our families have owned small businesses, we worked in restaurants growing up and know our way around a dish sink as well as a P&L statement. We're applying our experience and our passion to build a sustainable company with a clear purpose and vision.

Beyond our experience, we both have a natural desire to make people happy and love getting to know folks. You're important to us.

Changes in 2014
In August of 2013 Terry was diagnosed with cancer on the day our second child was born. With so much to live for he fought hard, but in February of this year (2014) Terry passed away. It was important to him that Happy Belly continue forward and maintain our purpose.

Terry's sister Amie Bruno and brother-in-law Joe Bruno, career food and beverage professionals, moved up from Louisiana to help and are now partners. Amie comes to HBT with retail operational management experience that spans new property development to financial controls management. Joe brings many years of culinary and professional kitchen management experience to HBT. Both Amie and Joe are committed to maintaining and building the shared culture of Happy Belly.

Dawn Hall is CEO. In addition to providing leadership company wide, she continues to manage events catering and private parties.

A Purpose Driven Company:
Happy Belly is more than a food truck business, it is a purpose driven company that gives 5% of profits to the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta to help fight childhood obesity. This epidemic is fueled by a lack of education and the ubiquity of cheap, processed food. In partnership with the Boy and Girls Club, Happy Belly provides education to children and parents about the benefits of eating natural foods and how they can make natural and healthy foods an affordable reality. This epidemic can be stopped and we all can play a part.

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