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Frustration Can Lead to Innovation
After years of being frustrated by the lack of natural, fresh food offerings available in restaurants we decided that if we can't get it, then we'd make it. We figured we were not alone in this pursuit. The journey begins.

A Big Bite
We enjoy a challenge and with this business we got one. All of our combined experience in the food business didn't fully prepare us for the dynamic of opening a mobile kitchen/restaurant. Putting everything in a box on wheels is a game changer. Figuring out reliable power sources seemed straightforward . . . .at first. Figuring out how to do it right is another story. Discoveries like these were common.

Different, Better
Just figuring out a logical place to begin was a unique experience. We knew we needed to do something unique to complement fresh and tasty food. Something that would to elevate our food and help set us apart from the pack. The light bulb came on. One of our favorite cooking tools at home is the Big Green Egg. No one had thought of using a Big Green Egg inside a food truck! We knew that this was a great way to impart extraordinary flavor in a healthy way.

Reality Set In
The food truck business is still fairly new and designing and assembling a truck with a wood fired cooking source adds another dimension entirely. We spent countless hours researching specialty truck builders all over the country. Most food truck options were the same. We wanted a better truck, something with better customer access, better use of space and a big green egg. Once we got past picking a chassis, figuring out the operational details were mind-boggling. Finally it occurred to us that we were not trying to build a food truck; we were creating a curbside kitchen.

Better Service
Part of building a better food truck business was creating a better customer experience. In our 'field research' we could see that most food trucks had high windows that made customers look way up, then there was a guy in there looking way down at them. This is not conducive to great service or a very good experience. We designed our truck with low windows so our staff can say hello and actually engage customers. Simple, but important.

We also noticed that food truck lines were kinda long and slow. No one was really embracing technology to speed the process up or to create a cleaner ordering process. This is why we were the first food truck to take orders outside of the truck. You know, face-to-face, with the use of an iPad that sends the order inside to be prepared.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink.
The truck design and build process revealed that there are a lot of moving pieces in a curbside kitchen. We searched for months to find the actual truck. Then we worked to get the details right so our builders would be able to create what we wanted. So, not to gloss over that, but it went fairly well. While they were building our truck we were building our commissary kitchen in Smyrna.

Planning is Over
When you get the truck it's 'go time'. At first you marvel at it, because it is shiny and new. Then you drive it and realize how your elementary school bus driver felt. This is when the planning is over and it is time to put it all together and make some food and be judged by the people. It's exciting, scary and fun all at the same time.

So Far So Good
We're always trying to make it better and we're always learning new stuff. We're very fortunate to have amazing customers and we work with some other great food trucks. If you'd like a personal tour of our truck get in touch and we'll email the next time we have the opportunity to do tours.